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Are Remote Controls Safe?

09/14/2013 Back To Blog

There are many ways to enter your garage, but using the garage door clicker is the fastest and safest one. You don't have to exit your car to open the door manually or enter a password and you can also operate multiple openers with one single remote. There have been some doubts in the past about their safety, but all fears are gone now because technology has progressed tremendously.Are Remote Controls Safe?

Can someone copy the codes?

There are slight differences among different types of remotes and you should only care whether the multicode remote matches your personal requirements. Of course, most people fear that using personal codes to enter their premises may be reckless because they were rumors that intruders could copy them. Things have changed today with the rolling code models that won't give the chance to anyone to steal your codes but, anyhow, these scenarios belong to the science fiction.

Tips to keep remotes safe

* Garage opener remote devices do not cost much these days, so you must not be reluctant when you are thinking of replacing them. It's to your best interest to get new high tech ones.

* The greatest advantage of remotes is that they communicate with openers directly and you can have them in the car, garage or in your pocket, but never leave them unattended in a public space or even in the house, if you have pets and small children.

* You should never trust them with people you don't know very well and you should certainly refrain from letting children play with them because they would love playing with the moving garage door and they might get hurt.

* You can keep a second remote hidden in a safe place, but the experts at garage door repair Palo Alto suggest using them alternatively, so that they can both keep their batteries alive.

* If the garage door opener transmitter takes simple batteries, you should keep some extra ones in the car and home and you must always take care of it by dusting it periodically.

Most garage motor remote devices get stolen when drivers leave them on plain sight in their unlocked car. You must remember that the streets are always dangerous both in California and all over the world.



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