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How to Troubleshoot a Garage Door

06/16/2015 Back To Blog

Electric garage doors are a huge benefit. That is, until the unit stops working properly without warning. Any number of malfunctioning mechanisms could be at fault. But before you call in a trained professional to diagnose the problem, keep in mind that the majority of the problems are relatively simple to repair. It’s simple to troubleshoot the issue yourself.How to Troubleshoot a Garage Door

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First, confirm that the power cord is okay.  Look to see if the power cord is attached securely to its nearest. Unplugged power cords are the primary reason why some garage doors fail to open. Now look and inspect the lock feature. Your door won’t open if its lock option is activated and it’s easy to accidently set this particular option. Reset the sensor system by unplugging the door opener. Now plug it back up. Remove the batteries from the remote control and replace them with brand new batteries. Make sure to reprogram the garage remote after you’ve switched the batteries. Look at the beam.

Gentle cleaning products to clean the eye of the sensor.

Be certain that your beam sensor connects firmly to a wall outlet. Use a damp rag and gentle cleaning products to clean the eye of the sensor. Find this sensor by looking in the front of the power switch. Now inspect the chain and confirm that it’s not damaged or broken.  Call an electrician if you have to replace or adjust the chain in any way.  Carefully yank the red release cord. This frees the garage door so it will manually close and open. If your door is an older version then pull down on the visible handle located close to the opener and door. If the steps you’ve taken fail to resolve the issue then contact a door repair professional.

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