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Read our FAQ page carefully to get the detailed answers to important questions about electric garage doors and make the most out of the information shared here. It is easy to take the right action when you are well-informed.

I am forgetful and have left my remote control several times. What are my options?

This is actually a common problem. There are options available for users who are prone to this. One is by using the keypad that most garage doors have. Another is to program your car to be the garage door opener remote control as well. A third option is using garage door remote apps. Smartphones now have apps that would serve this function.

My garage door is suddenly not working with either the wall switch or the remote. What should I do?

When this happens, you should check the power source. The power source may have been disrupted. Make sure that it plugged in to the power supply. If this isn’t the problem, you may have to check the circuit breaker, the fuse or the GFCI. If none of these seems to be the problem, it is best to consult our professionals.

The cable on our garage door looks frayed, does this require immediate replacement?

This would depend on how badly the cable has frayed. However, this problem will only continue to deteriorate. If the cable is very badly frayed, there is a danger that it could break anytime. Any components of your garage door which look worn or damaged should be replaced as quickly as possible to prevent further problems developing. Minor issues are far easier to deal with rather than waiting until a major problem develops.

How does a torsion spring counterbalance system work?

The torsion spring counterbalance is an integral part of any door system. Garage door repair experts explain that it is made up of tightly wound up springs, cable drums and a steel shaft. The springs on the other hand are composed of a steel wire with two cones – one winding and the other stationary. The latter is attached to the center bearing plate. This is a delicate and complicated system and this is why it is important to regularly check your door’s torsion spring counterbalance. Even if just a small component malfunctions, it could result to your garage door being stuck or not opening.

Why should I maintain garage doors in the summer?

There are no specific instructions as to when garage door maintenance should take place but summer is recommended in order to prepare the mechanism for the cold winter days in Palo Alto. It is easier to engage in garage door repair in a nice weather.

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