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Using remote for garage door opening

I had this very handy garage door opener remote, which made it easy to open the garage door when I arrive home from work. Though the expense was on the higher side, we decided it was worth the money and had it installed a few months back. Everything went fine till one day the remote stopped working. It was quite frustrating. With the car trapped inside the garage, it was quite a frustrating experience.

I couldn’t report to work and it was an important day as I had a very significant presentation for my client due. I was just standing there with the remote in my hand, when my wife suggested that I call garage door repair Palo Alto. I immediately contacted the service and told about the remote problem. They asked about the details and said that they’d send a tech over.

The technical expert came in 15 or 20 minutes and checked the remote and the door opener. The remote was repaired and the door opened soon after and I just narrowly made it to the presentation.

The technician said that the remote not working could be due to several reasons like a break in the control fixed to the garage door. Controls I learnt can be treadles, switches, push buttons, and others.

He also explained how the service used quality parts and tools

The first thing he asked about was whether we had checked the batteries for power. This is the simplest problem that occurs with the remote, according to the tech. He also explained how the service used quality parts and tools, and how the techs were experienced at handling all types of problems that occur with garage doors.

Other than the battery, the remote itself could have some defect in it. The problem we had at present was with the controls mounted on the garage door that respond to the remote. The adept and accomplished expert easily found the source of the defect and did the necessary corrections, which resulted in the problem being solved faster than usual.

We learned from the tech that the service also provides emergency repairs and can be called upon weekends and at night time too. This was very good news as one does not know when a repair can suddenly occur. They can be contacted via email and phone for scheduling the maintenance and repair service.

If there is any problem with our garage door or the remote in future we will use this service only, as it is the best that I’ve seen so far. They respond promptly, have an efficient service, the techs work energetically, and the best thing about it all is the charges, which are quite affordable when you consider the first rate quality of the service they offer. Completely satisfactory I’d say.

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Case Story | Using remote for garage door opening