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Garage Door Replacement

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At garage door repair Palo Alto we care about our friends and neighbors in the community.  We want them to have access to the best garage door services in the area and we want them to be administered by the best garage door company in the region; our garage door repair company.  In order to ensure that this happens we have to be on our game each and every time we load our trucks and head out to a job.  Our customers depend on us and we depend on them as well.Garage Door Replacement in California

It is easy to believe that as long as there are garage doors there will be garage door springs that will need to be replaced or installed.  Our technicians carry the galvanized garage door springs and the torsion springs as well.  In addition, they carry the extension springs too.  Our experts know their way around broken spring repair/replacement services and can perform these duties correctly and quickly.

Garage Door Hinge Replacement & Door off Track Repair

Just about anyone who owns a garage wants a garage door opener.  It just makes life a ton easier.  We know this and that is why we carry only the best garage door brands in the industry like:

* Marantec garage door opener

* Craftsman garage door opener

* Sears garage door opener

* Liftmaster garage door opener

* Genie garage door opener

* Chamberlain garage door opener

When you buy a garage door opener you have to decide which type of drive you want with it.  The drive will determine if your garage door opener is quiet or loud.  The screw is the loudest/cheapest and the belt drive is the quietest/most expensive.

If you are going to operate a garage door company then you have to make sure you offer a good garage door maintenance & adjustment service for your customers.  The best way to keep those garage doors in tip top shape is to provide a great regularly scheduled lubrication program.

Offers great garage door openers remote service

If you are going to offer great garage door openers then you need to offer a superb garage door remote service as well.  Of course we understand that, and offer the best brands of garage door remotes in the area like:

* Multi code

* Clicker

* Genie Intellicode

* Liftmaster security plus

We also offer a great garage door replacement & installation service at our garage door company.  It is just something we have to do.  Customers always want to change out their garage door windows or get new sets of garage doors.  For this reason we carry great garage doors like:

* Aluminum garage doors

* Steel garage doors

* Wood garage doors

* Craftsman garage doors

* Glass garage doors

At the heart of every garage door contractors business is garage door repair.  Customers always need some type of repair and we offer many for them to choose from.  Here is just a few:

* Bottom garage door rubber

* Weather strip

* Door off track

* Broken emergency release

Replace section of garage door

Our experts can also address problems with garage door cables & tracks.  If your cable has came off the drum or the door has fallen off the track; just give us a call and we will be there.

We want to be the best garage door company/contractor in the community providing the best garage door service for our customers.  We are not perfect but it is not due to the lack of trying.  Visit our website online at and let us make your garage door operate smoothly.

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