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The Two Main Types of Garage Door Openers

11/04/2013 Back To Blog

Evidently every garage door that does not need to be opened manually is operated remotely via some kind of device, like a Smartphone or remote controllers. The main way that we used to open garage doors is via a remote garage door opener, which is a small device that emits a certain frequency that the main opener picks up and activates its mechanism. This mechanism may be of three types, which are the three main ones that may be found in the market every day. These are the chain mechanism, the belt mechanism, and the screw mechanism. Each one of these has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice is up to the home or business owner.The Two Main Types of Garage Door Openers

Chain garage door openers

The roller chain opener is a device that relies upon a roller chain, just like the one that motorcycles or bicycles use to transmit movement from the motor to the wheel. The roller chain was invented in 1880 and since then it has become a very important piece in mechanical engineering. In the field of garage door openers, the chain garage door openers are the most common type and most used today. This is due to their robustness as well as the fact that they were the first ones out there. The only big problem with these is that they might get a little bit too noisy. Therefore you exchange some silence for robustness.

The first thing that people notice about the belt door openers is that they are actually very silent. They are almost as efficient as the chain ones, but make dramatically less noise than their cousins. The only sound that may be heard is the one of the belt moving along its rail. What makes it less attractive almost immediately is that it is reasonably more expensive than the chain style. The chain type of opener is cheaper, considerably. Lastly, the belt opener has the advantage of being faster than the chain opener since it runs more smoothly than the one that has metal-to-metal contact.

If you are considering making a change of equipment, then you should consult the specialists at garage door repair Palo Alto. You need information that is more in-depth than the one that a friend or acquaintance can give you. The best thing to do is to go to a store and see the openers with your own eyes. That way you will know what you want.



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